There was a power outage for regular inspections of the condominium last night.

It started at 1:00 AM on time. However, we could use electricity in our room. The things that we couldn’t use are the infrastructures of the condominium like the aisle lights and elevators. But water service in our room couldn’t be used because it seems that it is pumping water by electricity. Because we couldn’t use a toilet for the reason, we went to bed earlier. It is good for us.

After it passed 90 minutes from starting, it supposed to be able to use a water service. I seemed not to sleep well because I cared about that. I wake up once at 5:00 AM and I confirmed to be able to use that. After that, I went to bed again.

I feel inconvenient that the water service or something can’t be use for a while. I think that I am too accustomed to being convenient.

Noob English Speaker