It has passed a month from starting this blog.

Honestly, I wondered if I would stop to update this soon because it takes a little much time for me to write some sentences in English. And I didn’t think that I have many things to write many entries. However, I have continued to update unexpectedly. There are two good points at least to update.

One is to be able to memorize many words that I use frequently. I have joined a global project in our company from this month. It is useful to memorize as many words as possible. Another is that it is also useful for me to write trivial things and my thoughts every day. To write something makes me review them from several perspectives. I think this is what makes my daily life better.

Recently, I have no time to update because I am busy for work (Although these are very short entries…). However, if I have a time, I am going to update this blog.

Noob English Speaker